Wedding is the grand day for every couple. Every family and their relatives collect at the wedding day to make the occasion grand and joyful. We eat together live together and smile together. We bless the bride and groom and pray for their wonderful married life, but in all that passing moment we are the only person who works for you to collect all your joyful moment in form of pictures and provide you cost effective service of wedding photography. We are serving in Lucknow for years and we have earned lot fame in wedding photography. We capture plenty of weddings in Lucknow. We are not only dealing in wedding photography you can contact us for pre wedding, wedding, candid, candid pre-wedding and candid wedding shoot. You can also contact us for wedding videography and other occasion like birthday, anniversary, corporate and fashion apart from wedding occasion.

Advantage of wedding photography

Wedding is a event which comes once in the life time of groom and bride. And wedding photography is the service which provides you the charm of wedding again and again after every day passed from your wedding date. Likewise everyone knows the advantage of wedding shoot but still there are few main reasons are discussed below:-

1. If you have hired a good wedding photography and videography service then it also enhances the glow and grandeur of your wedding. The big screens represents your all live photos of wedding enhance the charm of everyone to appear on that screen. The big crane carrying video camera moving here and there fascinates the people. Every good wedding photographer try to charm they people with their service and try to make others that they admire your wedding and wedding photo service provider.

2. After few years of your wedding, your wedding album is the only way to refresh the faded memory of your wedding. You can show your wedding album to your kids and your grandson and you can share the stories of your wedding with your loved ones. Every photo fixed in the wedding album recall you the every fleeting moment you enjoyed at your wedding day. It gives you a wonderful throwback and leaves you happy with tears in your eyes. You feel nostalagic every time when you see your wedding pictures.

3. Wedding pictures are also used as proof of wedding in legal works. It happens with so many couple that after wedding they feel complication to stay together and in legal sepration they need documents so in so many cases the court asks for the proof of wedding so these wedding pictures are the strong proof of your wedding in legal cases.