We live during a time where look and feel have become uber basic. Our life occasions are getting more fantastic continuously and for a definitive occasion of our life, 'The Wedding' we go hard and fast completely full scale. We invite you to the universe of creative visuals led by Amit Mahendru one of the talented and experienced photographer in Lucknow. We adopt an imaginative and photojournalistic strategy to wedding photography and cinematography. Taking a masterful and photojournalistic way, we look for photographer opportunities which catch the genuine, emotion, happiness and bonding. To express the account of your occasion in pictures, we start much before the real occasion itself. Our customers have given us the remarks that such an affinity fortifies their trust in us. Your wedding is your unique day and it ought to have an exceptional story , Wedding is an energizing and an onetime encounter for everyone. It is an entirely significant day for bride and groom and their families since this day bride and groom join with one another new relationship that endures forever , Both guarantee each other for shared trust and regard. Their families go through a ton of cash to enlist the best wedding photographer with the goal that they can catch valuable and noteworthy snapshots of the big day . The Photographer turns into a piece of the family for those couple of days and makes the merry condition in the wedding to catch grins and delights.

Our professional wedding photographer in Lucknow remembers and capture every little minutes details going on your wedding occasion. We make wedding collection with advancement and style. At whatever point you get your very own marriage collection you feel energized and nostalgic and recollect every single picture how it was clicked and talks the minute. Amit Mahendru provide you different kind of photography services like, Wedding Photography, Candid Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Destination Wedding Photography, Maternity Photography, Fashion Photography and many more. So to make you pre wedding remarkable and distinctive you ought to experience a portion of the pointers given below. Henceforth these are a portion of the thoughts that you can use for your pre wedding shoot:

Smoke Bombs: This is, as a large portion of them, a foreign trend. You must have watched those different colored cloud around individuals in their Instagram photographs. Professional Photographer and models utilize this strategy constantly. Individuals love these smoke bombs and this is the explanation this pattern has truly taken off. Not a great deal, yet at the same time individuals have begun utilizing these bombs in pre-wedding photoshoots. The Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow may assist you with it as they are inventive and they have a method for making everything look awesome. So if you want people to recall your pre-wedding shoot, at that point go with these smoke bombs.

Pluck Cards: Pluck Cards are a pattern for quite a while however in the event that you need to take your pre-wedding up a notch, you can opt for custom pluck card. You can make these cards state your name or your own statements. You can likewise do "spare the dates" photographs with these cards as it is a much imaginative approach to make individuals set aside out effort for your wedding and furthermore in light of the fact that sending individuals a "spare the date" card is truly out of design.

Filmy Style: There are numerous spots in the entire Lucknow city hat can assist you with this one as individuals here adoration Bollywood. A case of the most negligible Bollywood style pre-wedding shoot is Raj and Simran style in DDLJ.

Different Themes: This is something else that is adored by Millennial. One of the most usually utilized subjects in a pre-wedding shoot is the vintage topic. What's more, on the off chance that you have chosen a specific topic, at that point everything in the photograph shoot is finished by that topic. For instance, on the off chance that you have picked the vintage subject, your dress, your hair and even the altering of the photos in the post is finished by that topic. And our photographer will provide you the best images of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Post Editing: Have you at any point seen those sea shore photographs of a couple wearing their wedding clothes in which the two of them are levitating? That is actually the shoot that we are discussing! It's interesting how essential those photos are, as you see many pictures each day yet you right away recalled those beach photos.

Shoot with Friends and Family: We share everything with our best friend so why not this uncommon little pre-wedding of your when then both bride-to-be and groom friends and included then consequently the shoot gets fun and way progressively agreeable for everybody.

Why to choose our services?

We are a Lucknow based group of photographer and consequently have done many pre-wedding shoots in the whole Lucknow city. We are a professional photographer and Cinematographers who are known for our aptitudes and experience. We don't simply have confidence in living up to your desires yet in addition exceeding them. Because of our experience, we know when and how we can support the couple. We will be with you at each progression, directing you whether it is for presents or some other thing. We are known to be exceptionally understanding towards our customers as it is realized that the photoshoot looks best when there is an association between the couple and the photographer. So on the off chance that you are searching for the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Lucknow, at that point assist us with helping you with this new energizing voyage that you are going to begin with your partner.

You have long dreamed of this day. As far back as you were a youngster, you imagined your fantasy wedding, and since the day is drawing nearer, you need everything to be immaculate on schedule and need to catch that lovely minute for long-lasting. The day of your wedding will come, and it will pass, and the cheerful festival will be the most loved memory that is best saved by experts who see how significant and important these recollections are.For the past numerous years, Amit Mahendru is known as one of the best photographer in Lucknow and have a and have a lot of exceptionally qualified group of wedding and event photographers that have been catching the seriousness and delight of weddings and other life occasions.Our prized customers before, have been amazingly happy with the excellence and imaginativeness of our work, and we are very glad for our inventory of photos containing instances of the nature of work that we do.Capturing the look of love and creating exceptional recollections that will last forever as you praise your big day.

You wouldn't invite a stranger to your wedding and neither would we? Amit Mahendru and their professional expert had gained the ability to hit pause on reality, to freeze a moment and create a memory, we saw things in a way that others didn’t, and week after week we were immersed in capturing marital bliss. With over many years within the photography industry and Amit Mahendru has captured more than 1000 weddings and believe in retelling the day in a way which is unique to each individual couple. A piece of advice we truly believe in is “Be yourself and back yourself, -"Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life…

In a wedding, photography is the only service that stays with you from beginning to end and a photographer is the only person who strives to replenish your all fleeting moments in form of photographs. Amit Mahendru is the only photographer in Lucknow who has made his identity by his creative ideas of wedding. He has created a repertoire that you can see on his website how he has implemented his creative perspective to make your wedding or pre wedding photos vibrant and adorning. Amit Mahendru works in a wedding like a story teller and tries to render all the joyful and emotional moments you have spent with your family, friends and relative. He replenishes all the good memories of your wedding in for of pictures and reciprocates you in form of your wedding album.

Amit Mahendru photography considered as among one of the top picture taker, giving high caliber, forward and contemporary style pictures with a variety. He conveys astounding quality results as well as, additionally deals with the occasion all the way with a direction in each progression.

He demonstrated during the time that he is the top photographer in Lucknow by his expert, solid and benevolent administration. He takes pride in us for being fussbudgets by catching the ideal minute with proper and delightful symbolism. He is one of the photographers who give the best administration of his photography and never down their supporters with his photography abilities.

At the point when discussing the photographer one can't disregard the Amit Mahendru photography, he is certainly one of the beguiling individuals who work professionally and in addition his enchanting nature made him one of the best photographers in Lucknow .