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Amit Mahendru
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Amit mahendru is the best name in industry of photography in Lucknow. He has rendered their creativity to plenty of people in form of the photographs clicked by him. Amit Mahendru is the best photographer in Lucknow who strive to replenish your all the ad-interim moments in your wedding album. He acknowledges that a customer hired him to provide a entertaining repertoire by which they can recall their all memories of wedding during watching the wedding album. He always loves to do something creative and unique to make your wedding album grandeur.

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Best Photographer in Lucknow

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Best candid photographer in Lucknow

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Expression of Excellence

Amit mahendru is the versatile photographer who has skilled in multiple fields of photography. He is the most renowned and creative photographer in Lucknow. Amit mahendru is doing photography for fashion shoots, events, commercial photo shoots and all the photography regarding wedding. He is popular photographer amongst their customer because of his creative photographs and unique ideas to portrait the photographs of wedding couple are very imporessive, which you can see in the portfolio that is uploaded on his official website. He provides you the quality of excellence in their wedding photography. He has great number of satisfied customers who love their photography.

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Photographer in Lucknow

In a wedding, photography is the only service that stays with you from beginning to end and a photographer is the only person who strives to replenish your all fleeting moments in form of photographs. Amit Mahendru is the only photographer in Lucknow who has made his identity by his creative ideas of wedding. He has created a repertoire that you can see on his website how he has implemented his creative perspective to make your wedding or pre wedding photos vibrant and adorning. Amit Mahendru works in a wedding like a story teller and tries to render all the joyful and emotional moments you have spent with your family, friends and relative. He replenishes all the good memories of your wedding in for of pictures and reciprocates you in form of your wedding album.

" Produce cinematic wedding films that reflect each couple's individuality "

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Best Photographer in Lucknow

Photography is the whole world of full joy, adventure, and colors of lights.We excel in providing the best technology in imaging available with the best creative wedding photographer in Lucknow expert team whose ideas are not bound by principals but are driven imagination.

FAQ about Best Photographer in Lucknow

Ans: We provide various genera in photography:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Traditional Photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Fashion Shoot
  • Event Shooting
  • Commercial Photography
  • Wedding Videography
  • Corporate Photography

Ans: Our crew was eager and trying for the greatest images for a portion of my job. Images that convey a narrative with amazing details and vibrant imagery while maintaining the spirit of your special occasion are what we specialize in with our photography and videography.

  • Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography
  • Fashion Photography & Commercial Photography
  • Pre-Wedding Photography & Traditional Photography
  • Fashion Photography & Corporate Photography
  • Candid Photographs
  • Cinematic Wedding

It was an honour and a source of pride for us to shoot and capture these priceless memories and moments, thanks to our premium style of photography and extensive expertise.

Each expression and emotion of the best day of someone's life is captured by wedding photographers in Lucknow, who convey each couple's narrative and consider it as a challenge to capture their true spirit.


Ans: Candid photography is flat-out expertise in its own particular right. To adapt quickly to changing situations, you must know your camera and settings inside and out. You should be able to scan a situation and predict what will happen next, as well as be ready to react quickly. Above all, you should be inventive and instinctive.

Ans: Here are the few reasons for why we should be hired:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

I know how precious this whole event is going to be for you, I will try my best to provide you my best quality work.

  • We ae cost effective

You will not be excessively charged; you will only have to pay for the work you see.

  • We are flexible

We will try to work according to your needs and requirements only, and will try our level best to blend in your situations.

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Our team members know the distinct style that combines artistic portraiture with the ability to capture intimate moments.We capture minute detail photo and capture each emotion of yours and make it forever for you.

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